Wednesday, April 30, 2014

sprit bear

In the book touching spirit bear the main characters name is Cole Matthews, and through his life he has made some bad decisions, one of them so bad that he has to go through a heeling circle, where they diced to send him to an island where he will have to fend for him self, and take responsibility for his own actions, when he gets there he tries to escape and gets mauled by a bear.I think Cole deserved to go to the hearing circle, it was quite generous of them to do that for Cole, but Cole abused his gift and almost died. now he is back and they have to decide what to do with him. if i was on the hearing circle i would make it so he was on parole to watch to see if he has actually changed and become a better person, and a better member of society, and if he proved himself i would let him go, i think the rout of the problem was his dad beating him, because this would make him build up anger that he would takeout on some one else, and now that they know his dad was beating him they can stop him so Cole can start over. i almost feel bad for Cole because in the hearing circle no one believes him even though he is telling the truth, he saw the spirit bear and even got some of his hair but he through the hair out.

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