Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Global charter of rights

 Hello to day in class we wrote a charter of rights and freedoms but for a global scale,
when making this charter i thought it was going to be harder but after we started writing, it  seemed like we had a lot of the same ideas, there where a couple of times we did not agree though like the right to a job this is one of the things we talked about and how every one should have a job but then we thought that what if there are not enough jobs for people to do and what if people where lade off or fired then how could we promise them a new job, besides that there where not any more arguments or disputes.
A lot of the rights on our charter are close to the ones on the charter of rights and freedoms we have a couple that our different, like the right to a family this is one we came up with on our one and it says that you can have a family but with no more then 3 kids (to stop people from over populating).
thank you for reading!

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Movement rights:
  • The right to move anywhere and make a living anywhere unless bound to a place by the justice system
  • The right to leave and enter any country as you please

The right to a family:
  • Every person has the right to marry any person, provided that they also concur.
  • Every person has the right to have children, but no more than 3

Right to a living:
  • Every person has the right to make a living no matter where he/she lives or what disability he/she has
Legal Rights:
  • No matter the crime, every person has the right to a fair trial in which they are considered innocent until proven guilty
  • The right to a lawful and peaceful assembly
  • Every person is free of being unlawfully jailed or apprehended without probable cause
  • No one will be unlawfully searched

Fundamental Rights
  • Right to express opinions and express their mind
  • You have the right to live peacefully
  • Right to work in any field with required skills

Health care
  • Every person has the right to publicly funded health care no matter the injury
    • provided that they pay any required applicable fees (taxes, deductibles)

Equality Rights:

  • To be equal no matter gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, age, physical or mental disability, ethnic origin and be paid the same as everyone else
  • Everyone will be paid the same doing the same work at the same job

Language rights:
  • Every language group has the right to speak their own language as they please
  • Every person has the right to be educated in their native language

Native groups:
  • No person has the right to invade the land of native groups

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