Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Underground Market

In our GINS and research in economic systems we have learned alot and now we have to relate the two.
In all of the stores there is one market that all of the people have used and that is the black market, because this is where they buy all of there drugs, this is one market that is illegal but still has a lot of customers and this is because a cross the world many people resort to drug use because it makes them feel better, but also a lot of people that sell drugs because it is a profitable business, this happens a lot in real life too especially in poorer country's like Afghanistan where more then 100,000 families grow drugs to get money to feed there families and there kids  because there are not as many sustainable jobs for them to do.
Selling drugs is also a sustainable job because people do it and then they get addicted and need to come back for more so the drug dealers are not lacking for customers.

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