Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daren Shan: tunnels of blood

Darren Shan quotes

                                             pain didn't
                                          bother me. In
                                        fact, I welcome
                               it: It meant I was alive.”]
                        [“I might have to drink the blood
                           of animals to stay alive, but
                   I would never feast on one of my own
                       kind, no matter what Mr.Crepsley
               said, or how much my belly growled.”][“When
                      he faced me again, he looked ashamed
           of himself. ["I have gravely underestimated you, Darren
               ," he said. "I will not do so again. I made a wiser
   choice than I realized when I chose you to serve as my assistant.
          I feel honored to have you by my side.”] [“Even a minute
                                         of dying is better
                                         than an eternity
                                         of nothingness. ”]

For my litspiration challenge, I choose to display my favorite quotes from the book Tunnels of Blood by Darren Shan. These quotes really made me ponder what it would be like being a vampire, and to struggle with how hard it would to face the fact that you would never see your friends or family again. The quotes are in the shape of a Christmas tree.  This is symbolic of a primary theme in the story. Most of the book takes place in December leading up to the climax on Christmas day. Darren who is the protagonist of the story must save is friend Evra who is captured by the sinister vampaneze Murlough. Vampaneze are a different type of vampire, split off from normal vampires and operate under their own code of conduct.  One rule the vampaneze follow is never breaking a promise once it is made.  Murlough promises that he would not kill and eat Evra until Christmas day. The Christmas tree provides a way for Darren to say goodbye to his friends because he never had time before he left.

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