Sunday, May 12, 2013


The house of the scorpion: Theme review
Hi guys this is my house of the scorpion: Theme review
In this book there where many different themes like you can clone a person but not there personality, but there was one big one that I noticed and that was you can all ways move forward but never backward, this means that if you say a word or do something you have to live with your self for the rest of your life but what you do after. Tam lin was like this in he killed 20 kids, and he had to live with him self for the rest of his life but he choose not to go and kill more kid but to become a body guard. And matt he was treated like dirt but he did not go on a power trip after they let him out he tried to make the best of his life and prove that just because he was a clone it did not make him different, he did not dwell on the past but tried to make a better future.

The other one I like was you can clone a person but not there personality, this is because matt may have been a clone but he was not the same person as el patron he had different thoughts then him and different world view then him matt thought that every one should be treated equal even if you are a clone, matt thought that eejits where wrong and that no one should be treated like that or killed and put in the ground for fertilization. Some of matts thoughts where the same but that was what he was thought by el patron and tam lin but even tam lin thought some of the ideas that el patron thought where wrong.

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