Sunday, May 12, 2013

narrative structure

The house of the scorpion: narrative structure

Hi guys this is my narrative structure review on the house of the scorpion by Nancy farmer.
Ok so first off the start of the book or the exposition was really long, almost two long for my liking. It was 52 pages of dull not action full writing, and even after that there was no rising action for a while. One thing I really like was that she had good transitions between ages, he would 7 then a couple pages later he would be 14 but you would feel like you learned every thing you needed to know about that time period.
            At some point in the later 300s the climax hit and it was short with just a bit of excitement, which was kind of disappointing then it slowed back down to a slow pace. I thought this book went through a big time period really fast and I think that it could have added more details in what happened in that time.
            The overall structure of this book was a little crazy but in the end it all came together but if I had been reading this on my own I would have stopped early on just because it was so slow, I am glad I didn’t though because I really enjoyed the rest of the book including the climax, one thing I did not like was the ending of the book because there was so much time put in the beginning of the book and the ending almost seemed like kind of an after thought because it all just stopped at once and most of the people died, this also makes me worried about the next book in the scorpion series because how are they going to have enough characters to keep it interesting.

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