Monday, May 13, 2013

The house of the scorpion: film study “ish”

The house of the scorpion: film study “ish”
This is my 6th and final scorpion blog post, which will be comparing matt from the house of the scorpion to Vincent or Jerome from gattaca, these two characters are very similar in the rolls they play.
Matt is a clone of Matteo Alcran or el patron who is looked upon as a dog by the people he knows, this is because he is different. Vincent is an invalid, he was a natural born kid, this is a disadvantage in many ways, and because of this he cannot get a job at gattaca. He then takes the identity of Jerome who is a valid.   
            There rolls in the society are similar they are different so not very many people take interest in them, or think that they will be able to achieve much in there life. I found that they are both compared to different things that they want to be better then for matt this was fur ball who matt was all ways compared against, and for Jerome this was his brother he was all ways the superior brother and was able to do what Vincent wasn’t.
            One more thing was in the end of both the book and the movie the main characters died allowing matt and Vincent to continue their lives as if they where the actual people, their lives surpassed there limits, Vincent because he had an expiry date that was not true and he proved that and matt because he was meant to be an organ donor  for el patron but the both found a way around that, I think that is one of the reasons I liked them so much, I could feel it for them and it would be hard being treated like a dog or having a person there all the time one upping you.

Thank you for reading my 6th post.

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