Sunday, May 12, 2013


house of the scorpion: Characterization review
 hi guys this is my house of the scorpion book review on setting
First lets say this book is great, I really like it and it is an easy book to get in to. I am not that big of a reader but this like the hunger games has made reading enjoyable.
At the start of the book the introductions where a little slow, and all they told you what mats name was, and that Celia was kind of religious, after that you met the kids of the alcran estates. After falling out the window and getting glass in him, Matt is taken to the big house where he meets a bunch of characters, like El patron and tam lin which are big parts of the book. you also meet some of the servants like Rosa. Matt is a dynamic character, but i think this is because he has never learned much so he is picking stuff up on the way. tam lin helps Matt on his journey through the house of the scorpion, and thought him survival skills and other things that he need to know. el patron is the boss of the house every one sucks up to him like he is a god, he started out with nothing but has built up an empire. El patron like the book says is like dragon because he wants to die with every thing he has. He also meets Maria a girl that is matts age, she is a very dynamic character one minute she is loving matt but the next she has a deep hatred for him, they are friends for most of the book but in some parts it gets iffy. Tom is a foil he is the exact opposite of matt  but by doing this it helps us learn more about matt, he is not that big part of the book but he made it interesting.

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