Sunday, May 12, 2013

connections to real world issues

the house of the scorpion: Connections to Real World Issues
hi guys this is my house of the scorpion book review: Connections to Real World Issues
In this book there where lots of real world issues some of the bigger where slavery and immigration this book had eejits or slaves that do there jobs and what they are told to, with out doing any thing ells, back in time in the real world the black people where treated as slaves or in this case eejits. I think that is very unfair people should be treated as equals and people should except who you are and not change you, or do your work, in the house of the scorpion most of the people are eejits and the worst thing is that once they die they are plowed into the ground to fertilize the soil to grow opium.

The second big one was immigration this is because the people that where trying to get to áztland but where caught by the boarder control and sent to do jobs, or turned in to eejits. This is because El patron made a deal that he will stop immigration between áztland and the united states and he can keep his land to make the opium. In the real world immigration is huge people every day are coming from other places in to new places, people are sneaking in now and paying lots of money for people to bring them across the boarders. In the book there where coyotes who smuggle people across the boarder often for a high price, this is not a mad up thing there are coyotes in real life that do this every day, this Is a big problem because these people that are being smuggled in and have no citizenship or work visa so they have jobs like cleaners so they get paid in cash and don’t pay taxes so they do no good for the rest of the country.

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