Monday, April 22, 2013


the house of the scorpion: setting review
 hi guys this is my book review on house of the scorpion setting
This book is great i love it can't wait for the sequel it has kept me interested the whole book. The author hooked me on the book first when Matt jumped out the window and landed on glass. This is where the book picked up and he had contact with the outer world. I like how the plot is building up. First he is isolated from the outer world, then he makes contact with the outer world. Then he is held in a prison, and then the El patron says treat this kid like royalty. El Patron is a drug lord that rules the land of opium where he grows white poppies to make opium, and that is why he is so rich. he also has a clone named Matt who is the main character. Matt started out in a house as a child where he lived with "his mom" Celia, Celia took care of Matt but warned him that the outside world was dangerous to prevent him from leaving. then one day the kids from the alcran estate found mat's house and started to talk to him, this is when he is brought to the big house. the house is extravagant, with marble pillars and the whole nine yards. Matt spends the first of his time in a dungeon where he is treated like trash.
After meeting tam lin Matt goes to an oasis where he can go to escape from everything ells that is going on in his life. In the house matt find a secret passage that leads through the house with peep holes he finds out that this is El patrons secret passage where he can spy on people all over the house to see what they are doing, in the passage way he also find the security room where there are computers that have videos of most of the rooms in the house.

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