Thursday, February 7, 2013

By Gary Paulsen
Review on Daniel Songs review
Daniel  you did a great job writing this book review. You went very in-depth on your explanation and critique. There are a few areas I thought could have been improved upon First, the review calls the pilot a “driver” which would better reference a driven vehicle not an aircraft. Second, It would have been interesting to me to something about how Brian learned to fly the plane from the dying pilot, since this was a big part of the novel. Third, it didn’t make sense to me why you said surviving would be impossible if Brian had more tools. You would think having additional tools would be beneficial especially since he used all of the survival skills that he had ever learned. Otherwise this review was well written and you did a great job hooking me to want to read more.
The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a great read full of adventure, action, and the unexpected life challenges which we really never plan for. The flow and choice of his descriptive writing bring the plot to life. There were parts where I felt that I was right beside Brian experiencing his pain and agony. His loneliness, and despair  the wilderness adds to the conflict with himself, and his conflict with nature. In the book the words the secret kept coming back to him so it gave it kind of a mystery feel to the book. The end was quite the surprise and unexpected. Overall I thought the book was great ,I really enjoyed it. I give it an 8.5 /10 because I love these kinds of books “man vs nature” and “man vs himself”.  These books reinforce the everyday items we take for granted like clean water, fresh food and shelter. The end resolution  was very interesting and hopefully we will see another book of the same caliber.

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