Saturday, November 3, 2012

the hunger games

Hunger Games
Book by: Suzan Collins
Review by: Will Stretch

Hunger Games is the first book in a series of three written by Suzan Collins.  The story begins with a seemingly ordinary 16-year-old girl named Katniss Everdeen that lives in a poor region called District 12.  In this world of the future a battle to the death occurs each year in an arena to be watched by all of the 12 districts. The Games are held by the Capitol district as a reminder to all other districts of their rebellion and how badly it ended for them. The battle is also a form of entertainment for the Capital generating excitement and betting in the Capital district. Katniss’s life changes after her younger sister Prim is chosen in a lottery style event in each district call The Reaping. To prevent her sister from competing in the games and certain death, Katniss bravely volunteers to participate thereby preventing her sister from competing. As the chosen one Katniss leaves home to go on a very adventurous journey that will forever change her lifer for the better and the worse.

I think Hunger Games is a great book, it is really the first book that I had a difficult time putting down. Katniss’s adventure had a great mix between action, strategy, gore and a little romance. The mix of all four made for a great read. Details describing the Reaping created a suspenseful realistic struggle between the  characters. You never knew what to expect or which character would perish in the games.  There were many unexpected surprises, during the fight to death. This is an excellent  book and a great start to the trilogy thank you Collins for writing this story.

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  1. Your review of this book was really well put together... your language was awesome in both of your paragraphs as well you had good detail in your review. I especially liked how you did not give any thing away, GOOD JOB!