Saturday, November 3, 2012

mocking jay

Mocking Jay
Book By: Suzan Collins
Review By: Will Stretch

In the book Mocking Jay, Katness (the heroine) has just been saved from an intense battle at the Clock Arena Hunger Games following a massive explosion. She is extracted and transported to district 13, a district which she did not know even existed. Upon her arrival to the district she is briefed finding out that her home district 12 has been entirely decimated and that she is now appointed as the Mocking Jay who will lead the rebel forces to fight against the capital and the evil President Snow.

Mocking Jay is the third book in the Hunger Games series by Suzan Collins.  For a final book I think Collins put together a really great story. There are not very many books that I get really into; the Hunger Game’s trilogy is an exception. The author  does a really good job getting into the mind of the characters and developing the mental images of their appearance, their strengths and weaknesses and the conflict within the various relationships.  For example I like how Katness can shoot a bow with great marksmanship but is consistently not very good at following orders.
 The book was very graphic and violent at parts. Which I guess would be expected in book about battles and games to the death. During the journey for independence many of the characters meet tragic deaths such as stepping on traps exploding or getting trapped in barbed wire nets. Collins paints this gore in explicit graphic detail, so much so that I found it unnecessary at times.  It is also important to note that final conflict does not resolve how I expected, an interesting unexpected twist is certain to please others who read Mocking Jay. Overall I would recommend this book, and hope to see additional novels from the Suzane Collins.


  1. You made this sound like a great book/series and the printing you choose made the review very easy to read. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You made this book sound really interesting and the font you choose is really good I wish you luck in your future reviews.