Sunday, November 4, 2012

litspration challange

For my litspration challenge I drew the mocking jay symbol from the Hunger Games. This symbol played a big roll in the three books in the Hunger Games series. Katness received the mocking jay pin from a friend as a gift to help protect her in the battle.  In the third book, Mocking Jay was not only the symbol of the whole uprising but also the term used to describe the leader of the rebel forces which in this case was Katness.


  1. Nice drawing! The configuration of the bird is right on

  2. Hi Will,

    I found it interesting how you used a symbol instead of a scene or character from the book. I also like the background of your blog, as it is quite vibrant (: After going through your written pieces, I noted that it seems like you like the Hunger Games series a lot as you wrote all your reveiws about that series. I think you are quite a deep thinking author, so I recommend that you should continue to write more! FANTASTIC BLOG...

    - Maggie

  3. Whoa. You're really good at drawing.

  4. I think you did a really good job drawing and explaining it but i think you could have added colour just to make look even better

  5. Do you think that this symbol actually protected her? Or did it help her mentally? I thought this drawing was really well done. However, maybe you could add some colour or shading. I think it would enhance the quality. But all in all you have done really well with all the detail, because there is a lot of specific parts in this drawing.

  6. I really like how you drew it showed that you put time and effort into this drawing. I liked how you put some information but I think that you could have put more information and how did effect the the rest of the series. I think you could have put a colours in the drawing would make it better but it is still amazing.

  7. The birds orientation is spot on. It looks really cool with the feathers. The translate button on the side is AWESOME!

  8. Hi Will, I really like how you decided to draw one of the most iconic images that almost everyone will recognize from "The Hunger Games". I think you provided a good summarization, in it you mentioned that this was not the only symbol in the third book what was the other one? All in all I think that your blog is really good and your drawing is amazing. Good job on your blog!!!

    1. I also like that on your blog that you are reading some classics that we all know about but maybe never read like Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I also remembered that our class in grade 7 read Hatchet, was there any particular reason why you chose to reread it? Good job on you blog overall. -Ali

  9. Will,
    I think that your drawing is AMAZING! I really think that you put a lot of energy into your drawing and your description of why you chose to draw it was really great because it was detailed and explanatory but not really long and boring. I was wonder why you think that the Mocking Jay was the symbol of the uprising? Also why did you choose to a symbol instead of a scene from the book? Overall I think that your whole blog was great and your drawing was FANTASTIC!